Post & Courier Spotlights Former Guest

Post & Courier Spotlights Former Guest

Restaurant job helps North Charleston man succeed after homelessness
By Angie Jackson

Cuthbert Hurtault moves with precision as he swiftly slices an avocado, wielding a long knife to remove the pit before tossing each half into a big bowl.

He repeats this process — slice, split, toss — over and over until his crate of avocados is empty.

The time-consuming act of making fresh guacamole during the solitude of the morning hours is Hurtault’s favorite task as prep manager at the Taco Boy in downtown Charleston. It’s a far cry from how he used to spend his days when he was homeless, sleeping under bridges and constantly searching for his next meal.

“It’s shining real bright on this side of the wall right now,” said Hurtault, who goes by Eto.

Hurtault, 47, was hired as a dishwasher at Taco Boy five years ago after completing the kitchen program at One80 Place.