Beginning Again

Beginning Again

You provide a chance to begin again.

Curtis arrived at One80 Place facing eviction and in the midst of a two-year custody battle. He had been laid off from a high paying job a year prior and would no longer have a home in a matter of days. This Marine Corps Veteran, once an outwardly strong man, was broken. He came to us with no income and had depleted all of his savings over the past year.

One80 Place staff worked with Curtis and encouraged him to be involved with every step of an emergency decision-making process that required leveraging existing relationships with our landlord partners to ensure that Curtis would have a place to call home that night. Our team rallied together, Curtis viewed several potential housing options and moved into his new home just three days after facing eviction from his previous landlord.

Since obtaining permanent housing, Curtis has now obtained full-time employment and is currently pursuing a mediation agreement regarding visitation rights with his children. One80 Place Case Management assisted him in learning to advocate for himself once again.

When his day in court arrived, Curtis represented himself with a 20-year law practitioner seated at the opposing table. Captivated with the drive to fight for time with his children and empowered by the ability to overcome instability and repetitive trauma, Curtis was successful.

“I look forward to time with my children and to being able to contribute to the financial security of my family once again.”