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You are being asked to give today.


You’ve probably seen your electric bill skyrocket during the summer. We see it here too. With 160 guests to keep cool and feed daily, we need your help raising $85,000 by May 31st.


There is nothing like your philanthropy. Your donation of $100, $50 or even $25, ensures that our clients have a cool pillow to lay their heads on this summer. But your donation doesn’t stop there. Your gift will provide families and individuals with highly-skilled staff who will help guide clients back to homes of their own.
You see, $.93 of every dollar you donate goes to funding services, and when your dollars go to work, they help nearly 1,000 individuals return to housing annually and about 90% will stay housed, even after two years.


P.S. Your donation can do more! A generous donor has agreed to give $25,000 if we can raise the other $60,000 by May 31st. Please consider making your donation this month to take advantage of this opportunity. Our clients need your help this summer… The heat is on for all of us.