• Served 182,176 meals
  • 980 individuals (including: families, single men & women, Veterans) left One80 Place with homes of their own
  • 256 guests gained employment
  • Provided healthcare to 1,038 guests and 3,392 medical visits
  • Provided legal services to 415 people with 505 legal issues
Why do people become homeless?

The challenges faced by people that are homeless are complex and multi-faceted. People become homeless for a myriad of reasons including financial problems, mental health issues, substance abuse, domestic abuse, physical health problems, or a combination of any of these factors. A common thread among homeless people is having no support system on which to rely. Most often people try to get help from their friends or family but when they have exhausted these resources, they come to the shelter.

What is the history behind the shelter?

During the winter of 1984, concerned citizens noticed more people than ever were seeking shelter in public buildings. A group of business and civic leaders, religious leaders, and Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. joined forces, determined to bring together the community’s resources to ensure everyone in need had a safe place to sleep. From that effort, Charleston Interfaith Crisis Assistance Ministry, now One80 Place, was born. What began as a warm meal and a volunteer-staffed shelter has evolved into a comprehensive service agency dedicated to helping families and individuals end their homelessness and turn their lives around.

Where does One80 Place get its funding?

One80 Place receives 27% of its funding from community support and the other 73% from federal, state, and city grants.

How many men, women, and children stay at the shelter?

While the number of guests varies from night to night, One80 Place provides shelter to about 160 men, women, and children nightly.

  • Men’s Dormitory: 100 men (including Veterans)
  • Family Center: 60 women (including Veterans), parents, and children*


*The number of children in the shelter changes often, one week there might by 10 children and the next week there might be none.

What services do you provide for the guests?

One80 Place provides a variety of services for homeless people in our community. Not only does the shelter offer meals and a place to sleep, we provide comprehensive programs for our guests to help stop the cycle of homelessness and promote self-sufficiency. Every client is assigned a case manager, who provides essential guidance in identifying barriers to success and assists in the development of a self-sufficiency plan. While at One80 Place, guests have access to employment and educational services at the HELP center, primary health care at the Homeless Health Clinic, Veterans’ services, various life skills groups taught by trained counselors, a legal clinic for civil legal matters, housing assistance and more.

Additional Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about homelessness in the United States, you will find plenty of information on the following websites.

National Healthcare for the Homeless Council
National Coalition for the Homeless: A great site for basic information and data
National Alliance to End Homelessness: Facts and advocacy information
American Bar Association Commission on Homelessness and Poverty: Information about legal action to help the very poor
National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty: Describes legal efforts to end homelessness