One80 Place to Evacuate Facility

One80 Place to Evacuate Facility

One80 Place will assist clients with evacuation to local emergency shelters

After the Governor called for the evacuation of coastal South Carolina, One80 Place will assist clients of its facility to evacuate at 3:00 PM today.

One80 Place will direct clients to Charleston County’s designated pick-up locations, which will operate bus transportation to local emergency shelters. In addition, One80 Place will provide clients with bus tickets in order to ensure their safe return.

“Our goal is to relocate our clients well in advance of the storm, secure our buildings and suspend services so staff can focus on their families and homes,” said Stacey Denaux, CEO of One80 Place.

One80 Place, including the Community Kitchen, will reopen once evacuation orders have been lifted and it is determined that all facilities are safe and operational. Lunch will be provided today at noon. Lunch service will be suspended Thursday and Friday and may resume Saturday depending on conditions.

One80 Place will provide updates on Facebook and by recorded message on its main phone line (843) 723-9477.