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How long can I stay?

You can stay at One80 Place as long as necessary as long as you are working on your housing plan. One80 Place’s average length of time to help someone get re-housed is between 1 to 3 months.

We are a couple with children? Do we have to stay in separate shelters?

Couples with children stay in the Family Center.

What is the curfew?

One80 Place asks all guests to return to the shelter by 9:30 pm; however, dinner is served from 6:30-7:30 pm. If you are working, you may come in whenever you are off work and a meal will be held for you.

What happens to my bed if I don’t come in one night?

If you do not return to the shelter and do not notify staff, you are at-risk of losing your bed.

I have a car; do you have a place where I can park it?

Yes, One80 Place has a lot that is dedicated for guest parking.

What time do I have to leave the building every morning?

Guests do not have to leave the building during the day. You may spend the day in the day room in the Family Center or in the dining room in the Community Kitchen.

I have a physical disability; can you accommodate me?

Yes, One80 Place’s shelter facilities are ADA compliant.

Is there a waiting list; how do I get on the list or get a bed?

Often times, there is a waiting list for a shelter bed. All entries into One80 Place’s shelters are done through our community’s Housing Crisis Line. You must contact the Housing Crisis Line to access shelter. That number is 843-737-8357. If you do not have a phone, there is a phone located in the lobby of One80 Place that you may use to call the Housing Crisis Line.

Can I bring my pet with me?

One80 Place cannot currently accommodate pets. We will work with you to find a temporary placement for your pet while we help you find housing.

How do I get my mail while I’m staying there?

You may receive mail using One80 Place’s address. Each day mail is sorted and handed out to guests in the evening.

I work late and sometimes overnight; can I still stay there?

Yes, One80 Place will hold a bed for you and you can come into the shelter when you get off of work. If you work overnight, you may sleep during the day.

Where do I keep my belongings while I’m staying at One80 Place?

One80 Place provides lockers for everyone staying at the shelter. An additional plastic storage bin that fits underneath your bed is also provided.

What am I required to do while staying at One80 Place?

While at One80 Place you are required to have a TB skin test, follow our Guest Expectations and be actively engaged and working on a plan to become re-housed as quickly as possible.

What are the Guest Expectations?

  1. Guests are expected to work on ending their homelessness by obtaining permanent housing. Guests can agree to do this work with housing case managers, housing navigators and housing resource coordinator staff or on their own.
  2. Guests are expected to stay each night until permanent housing is identified.
  3. Guests are expected to demonstrate responsibility for themselves, their children, their actions, and their housing plan.
  4. Guests are expected to treat other guests, clients, staff, volunteers and anyone else who comes to One80 Place respectfully at all times.
  5. Guests are expected to store all prescribed and/or over the counter medication in locked cabinets. Medication cabinets are located behind the front desk in the men’s shelter building and in the staff office in the family shelter. Controlled substances will be stored in separate and locked medication cabinets in the clinic. Clinic staff will provide clients with daily doses based on dosing instructions.
  6. Guests are expected to abstain from behavior that is disruptive and unacceptable to others. Examples include: verbal, physical, or sexual harassment, threats and/or violent behavior, intentional public nudity, possessing weapons, drug dealing, or any other activity that would be considered criminal.
  7. Guests are expected to keep bed and common areas clean. Excessive damage to the building may result in termination from shelter services.
  8. Guests are allowed to smoke in designated areas only. The designated smoking area is behind the dining room in the main shelter building.
  9. Guests are expected to attend guest meetings and contribute to the One80 Place community.